I Am Moving into My New Condo Soon

My friend sent me the link for a website about the New Futura condo development. This was no surprise because she had been trying to get me to move for a couple of years now. While I was not thrilled with where I was living, I did not want to move somewhere else that made me feel the same way. The only way I was going to move would be if I got very happy to be coming home. So far, I had not found a place that called to me like that.

All of that changed when I looked at the website link that she had emailed to me. I always humored her when she sent me a link, and I would be quite witty in my reply back on why I could definitely not move to where ever she wanted me at that particular moment. However, that did not happen this time. When I looked at the condo development in District 9, I was actually mesmerized. I had never seen a development look so clean and crisp with the exterior pictures. I knew that was because there are only two towers, and they looked quite striking in the pictures.

Whoever designed the towers knew exactly what they were doing. The curved fins give both towers so much character. I started clicking through the pages of the website and was enthralled with every photo on them. I looked at all the features as well as the layouts for the different condos, and I knew that I was going to go through with it this time. I wanted to say my friend would be shocked, but I think even she knew she had outdone herself this time. I am looking forward to moving into my new condo in just another few weeks!

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